How Much Cardio You Should Do?

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Each time I go to the rec center, I don't know whether individuals knows how much cardio they should do! I see a similar horde of overweight individuals granulating endlessly on treadmill and circular sessions. Consistently they're there, sweating on similar machines and they're similarly as fat as they ever were. Some are much fatter than when they […]

Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles

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What if I told you you could make delicious dark chocolate truffles out of an avocado!  I sound like a magician, right? Well I’m not, but this recipe is magic. These truffles are a game changer. They add the perfect creamy texture and healthy fats to dessert and you can’t even taste it! Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles packed with […]

These diets work?

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The low-carb diet, diet 5: 2, diet detox, cabbage soup diet …These diet work? There is no adequate diet programs promise you lose weight quickly. The big question is, do these diets work? Most of them cause weight loss quickly, and sometimes suddenly. But the pounds return again at the end of the diet.   […]

How To Cheat Correctly

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Cheating incorrectly is one of the major reasons so many people can’t lose weight “no matter what they do” with their diets. They simply don’t realize that you can basically starve yourself all week and, in one weekend, put yourself right back at square zero. Cheat correctly, though, and you can have the best of […]

Fat Loss

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The primary criterion for fat loss is a sustained negative energy balance between intake and output (i.e. a caloric deficit). This means that one of the likely reasons you’ve stopped losing weight could, simply, be that you are eating too many calories. Well, unfortunately, unless you are systematically and accurately tracking everything that goes in […]

Flexible Dieting

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Eating plenty of nutritious foods is important for overall health and longevity ( ), but there are no foods that directly cause weight loss or weight gain. Sugar isn’t your enemy and “healthy fats” aren’t your savior. The key to understanding these “shocking” statements is understanding the concept of “energy balance” ( ) which is […]

Calorie Deficit

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Eating too much or too little for your goals may sound simplistic, but it’s one of the most common traps that prevents millions of people from reaching their weight goals. And it revolves around one simple fact… If you don’t plan or track your food intake, and simply eat according to your appetite, your weight […]

Fat Cells

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Fat cells contain two types of receptors for catecholamines that are diametrically opposed in function. These are known as alpha- and beta-receptors and while the physiology is quite complex, it boils down to this: alpha-receptors hinder lipolysis and beta-receptors trigger it. Thus, fat cells with a high amount of beta-receptors are relatively easy to mobilize […]

Dear Ladies

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Dear Ladies, here are a few tips for those of you who are working towards building a stronger, leaner body: 1. For the most part, your training and nutrition shouldn’t be different from that of your male counterpart. 2. If you want to look leaner and more „toned”, you, usually, have to lose some fat […]