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There are no quick fixes to living a fit life.

I don’t have outstanding genetics and wasn’t ripped my entire life. I was your normal skinny kid that got into weightlifting to impress girls, and I had no clue what I was doing at first.
Case in point? Here’s me after nearly 15 years of lifting, with no extended breaks due to injury, illness, or otherwise:

Sure, I had made some gains...but the type of gains you’d hope for after 15 years of lifting 3 to 4 days per week? Not so much.
As you can imagine, I wasn’t very thrilled.
I was so used to my routine that I just went through the actions every day, but I was certain I just didn’t have the genetics to look good or get really strong or that it would require steroids.
It turns out I was wrong.
I was just making a some of the worst (and most common) fitness mistakes out there. Things like...
I had NO clue how to diet correctly (I thought it was all about “clean eating”)
I wasted ridiculous amounts of money on worthless supplements
I mainly did long, high-rep “pump” workouts and crappy exercises
I chronically overtrained everything but legs (which I neglected, of course)
I did WAY too much cardio and never even got lean
I thought “muscle confusion” was important
I didn’t track my progress correctly
And more..
And once I started doing things correctly, EVERYTHING changed, quickly and dramatically.
Here’s what I mean:

I’ve never used anabolic steroids or fat loss drugs, and this is my current “summer look” of about 7% body fat.
I’m not showing you these things to brag, either. I just want to show you that I WALK THE WALK because I have a hard time taking fitness advice from someone that doesn’t look the part.
So here’s the bottom line...
I’ve been training for over a decade now and I know EXACTLY what it’s like to be stuck in a rut...to have NO clue if you’re training correctly...to want to rip my hair out trying to figure out how to get lean...to want to just THROW IN THE TOWEL...and to have just about every other problem most people grapple with.
Fortunately, I “toughed it out” and also know exactly what it takes to put all this nonsense to rest and finally achieve the type of physique we really want.
That said, coaches and trainers are a dime a dozen. If you’re skeptical, you should be... Let’s work together! Drop me an email to get started!

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Fitness, healthy living, and practical, healthy, real-life nutrition are my passions and I am so excited to have the chance to help others find a little bit of their own passion for those things too. I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, and then continued my education to earn Precision Nutrition 1 Certifie.
No diets, pills, shakes, wraps, fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships are needed.
It’s possible to feel GOOD in your own body. It’s possible to ENJOY working out and eating well. It’s possible to have ENERGY to keep up with the demands of daily life without compromising your health.
If you are ready to invest in your own health, I am excited to be your cheerleader, coach, and accountability partner. Don’t be fooled, it will take HARD work, and results will only happen if YOU make them happen, but I am confident that with the right plan we can reach your goals.
Wanna see proof? Check out my work!