The best way to protect yourself is simple healthy habits like sleeping enough, exercising, eating well, and finding good ways to reduce stress. 

Can diet, training and supplements help fight the virus?

Despite the constant misinformation on how to prevent the coronavirus, there’s no miracle cure, food, or supplement that can cure or prevent COVID-19 or other diseases. 

By Joel

Queues quickly appeared in pharmacies, stocks of various food products dropped sharply, fitness clubs are beginning to shine empty. However, the worst thing we can do is to give up physical activity and passively wait …

By far the best recipe to strengthen immunity is adequate sleep, a healthy diet and physical activity.

Protecting yourself against coronavirus infection, you must first use common sense. Increased hand hygiene, avoidance of mass events and avoidance of direct contact with people with flu symptoms should be enough for us.

Physical activity and better immunity

An excellent recipe for increasing immunity is physical activity. Regular walks, recreational swimming, running, cycling or strengthening training, both with external load in the form of barbells, dumbbells, rubbers, balls, and without load, strengthen immunity and make us sick less often, we suffer from upper system discomfort less often tract.

However, if the effort is too great, burdening both the nervous and muscular systems, your immunity will not only not strengthen, but may even be weakened for a moment! This is because during intense exercise increases the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that has a destructive effect on the human immune system. As you know, stress is the biggest enemy of immunity.

„It is true that malnutrition can impair your ability to fight off illness and infection, but if you eat an otherwise balanced diet, loading up on specific „super” foods like kale, berries, or anything else won’t provide any additional benefits.”

Take care of your sleep!

A tired body is more susceptible to infection. Lack of sleep is also a huge stress for the body. That is why it is forbidden to stop the night and notoriously sleep. An adult needs about 8 hours of sleep a day. When you sleep deeply and nothing wakes you up, there are many reactions in the body that allow regeneration, and the number of lymphocytes in your body that affect the state of our immune system increases.

Therefore, if you want to be healthy, take care of the amount and quality of your sleep!


Should I give up training in the gym because of coronavirus?

With the advent of the coronavirus, for fear of its spread, many major public events, important conferences and music festivals were canceled.

Can training in the gym also pose a real threat? Is it worth giving up a visit to the gym because of the coronavirus?

A gym, like other public places, can be safe as long as you follow the precautionary principles. Remember that coronavirus is transmitted by droplet and spreads mainly when in direct contact. The likelihood of infection increases when someone sneezes or coughs in your area. Infection due to touching a dirty surface (e.g. dumbbells) is unlikely. After all, you should wash your hands both before and after training.

There is no evidence that COVID-19 is sweat transmitted.

The virus attacks the lungs, so sweat probably doesn’t have much in common with it. Let’s not panic. However, we still remind you that you should maintain general hygiene and caution.

If there is no quarantine in your area, you can still go to the gym. For now, gym attendance can be considered safe, but the coronavirus situation can change quickly and drastically, and this should be borne in mind.

Diet and immunity

Little is said about the fact that diet can significantly improve our immunity. Drugs, poor diet, aging, stress reduce the efficiency of our immune system. The deficiency of vitamins and minerals means that macrophages cannot destroy germs by „eating them” (by phagocytosis), antibody production also decreases, key cells for our immunity do not multiply – T lymphocytes.

This can be changed by proper nutrition!

What do we mean by „eating well”? First of all, we should base on low-processed food. The diet should contain vegetables and fruits, whole grains, wholesome sources of protein (meat, fish, eggs, legumes, dairy products) and healthy fats (olive oil, avocados, nuts). A good role model is the Mediterranean diet. On the other hand, sugar, purified carbohydrates, poor quality fats (palm oil, hardened vegetable oils), highly processed meat products, sweet drinks and yogurt should be limited.

Bottom Line:

It is worth taking care of immunity thanks to the use of a proper diet, undertaking regular physical activity and taking care of sleep, you can win the fight against the virus! 

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