How to stay fit, are training and diet necessary?

How to stay fit, are training and diet necessary?

Have you ever found yourself thinking „I exercise, so I can eat anything I want” or „I eat healthy, so I don’t need to exercise?” That train of thought can cause unexpected weight gain and unhealthy habits.

By Joel

Three months before the onset of summer, you gathered in yourself, you did regular training sessions and kept a diet. During this time, you managed to improve the appearance of your figure, lose a few kilos, reduce waist size and slightly emphasize the muscles of the arms and chest. You are satisfied with your current form and at the moment you only care about maintaining it.

What to do not to lose your form? Is it enough to watch the diet? Are trainings necessary?

The answer is yes and no. It depends to a large extent on what we mean by „form”. If keeping fit means keeping you slim, no major weight fluctuations, then the answer is yes. By observing your diet, what you eat and how much you eat, you’ll be able to control your body weight and maintain a slim figure.

„Exercise and diet are both important for long-term weight loss and your overall health. Find ways to include daily activity and healthier food choices in your life.”

Form uneven form

However, form does not mean the same for everyone. If you mean form, not so much weight, but rather appearance, slim figure with a muscle outline, physical fitness, good condition and well-being, unfortunately diet alone is not enough! It is not enough to press with training once, build a bit of muscle mass, and then give up training and enjoy this look for months or years. Unfortunately, this is not how it works.

Muscles that do not get adequate stimuli to grow in the form of training become weaker, smaller, less filled. Of course, it’s not that if you don’t train for a month or two, you’ll lose all your muscle mass. However, in the long run it will not be possible to maintain this form without training. There is nothing to delude yourself that the effects will be permanent if your enthusiasm is only temporary.

The body „invests” in the development of muscles only when we constantly remind him through strength training that he needs it. When the intensity of the stimulus stimulating growth disappears, the body gets rid of unnecessary ballast in the form of elaborate muscles that expose it to extra energy expenditure. If you want to maintain muscle mass, you need to eat well and train hard, otherwise the effects of training and diet will disappear over time.

What happens when you stop training?

Already after 2-4 weeks without physical activity, our general physical condition weakens. We get short of breath faster, our performance drops slightly, we have a little less strength.

After a month break from training, you can already see a decrease in muscle mass. Unused muscles do not store so much glycogen, they become more hollow and the body is less elastic. If we have stopped the physical activity, but still eat the same, we gain additional fat.

After a few months break from training, we lose much strength. Loss of muscle mass is greater, and thus, our basic metabolism decreases. Lack of physical activity and lower metabolism are probably additional kilograms of weight and associated worse mood, lower self-esteem, deteriorated functioning of internal organs such as heart and lungs.

Lack of training for at least half a year increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. At the same time, we join the group of people susceptible to depression and cardiovascular disease.

Form and health and well-being

Keeping in shape is not just kilos for weight and the appearance of a figure in the mirror. Form is more than that. Thanks to physical activity we are more efficient and healthier, thanks to strength training we have more muscles and a better body composition. Cessation of physical activity and caring only for nutrition cannot provide us with so many benefits.

There is more and more information related to how important is not so much body weight, but in what ratio in our body is lean and fat body mass. You can weigh more, but have less body fat and be healthier and feel better.

It is estimated that overall survival is highest in people with slightly higher BMI, often exceeding those considered healthy (> 25 kg / m2). Higher BMIs have been associated with a lower chance of aggressive cancer and heart failure.

Does this mean that obesity is healthy and we needlessly bother with diet and training? Definitely not! It is not so much about „healthy obesity” as it is about the paradox of the BMI parameter (body mass index taking into account weight and height). People with high BMI can be both very fat and obese, as well as very muscular people in the same category.

People with higher muscle mass have a better chance of surviving cancer, have better insulin sensitivity, their metabolic health is at a better level.

Muscle tissue is a reservoir of energy and amino acids, and a disease such as cancer often goes with cachexia and malnutrition, and in this context, muscle mass gives us a better chance of survival.

Muscle mass is not only a nice look on the beach and the ability to lift heavy things. Muscles are the main recipient of glucose, secrete cytokines and myokines that have autocrine, paracrine or endocrine effects. Greater musculature can relieve inflammation.

Don’t be one season person!

Build a form for years, not for summer! You can’t build a fit figure once and then do nothing and enjoy your form for a long time.

Do not take on the miracle diets and trainings that promise you to build form like a figure sports figure in two months. Give yourself time. Slowly aim for the goal. Train and eat wisely. Decide on such activities that you can hold for a long time.

Take care of changing your habits, love new ones, and staying in shape will be a pleasure.

Bottom Line:

The definition of the word „form” can be understood differently in different circles. However, form is not just a number on weight. The form consists of both the appearance of our figure and our well-being, health and physical fitness. Cessation of training or a change of diet from „sports” to „junk” is a simple way to lose the achieved results.

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