Double chin – where does it come from and how to get rid of it?

Double chin - where does it come from and how to get rid of it?

A double chin, also known as submental fat, isn’t uncommon. A double chin is often tied to weight gain, but you don’t have to be overweight to have one.

By Joel

If you see a double chin in the mirror image, then it’s definitely worth thinking about a diet, because it’s likely that your body weight indicates overweight. In addition to being overweight, there are several reasons for the formation of a chin, but certainly the extra kilos are a determining factor.

What are other reasons for the formation of a double chin?


Over the years, our skin loses elasticity, which can lead to the appearance of additional or sagging skin, including just under the chin.

Inadequate diet and weight

Weight gain will not always create a double chin, but it certainly contributes to it. Maybe different … Weight gain comes from somewhere. This is usually an inadequate diet with high calories and processed foods. A bad diet causes weight gain, which in turn gives us a double chin.


If your family is characterized by a skin with low elasticity, then there is a high probability that most of you will receive such a double chin from nature.

Body posture

Taking incorrect body posture during the day can also contribute to the formation of a double chin. Bad posture can weaken the muscles of the neck and chin, and over time lead to the formation of a second chin.

„Excess fat under the chin can be caused by age, weight, and genetics. But there are things people can do to get rid of a double chin if it bothers.”

Useful exercises

It turns out that there are exercises for a double chin. Although there is no local burning, strengthening the muscles can improve some and firmness and reduce the unwanted chin effect. Do they work It is definitely worth trying and finding out.

First, warm up

Regardless of what you train, what exercises you will do, you absolutely must not skip the warm-up. Warm up your neck by making a few head-down, top-left, left-side circulation, then to the other side. Stretch your jaw a bit, try to make movements in different planes.

Exercise No. 1

Sit with your back straight and your arms relaxed, tilt your head slightly to look at the ceiling and put your mouth to the whistling position. The mouth should be relaxed, but tight enough to feel muscle spasm. Hold the position for 10-20 seconds. Do 10 reps.

Exercise No. 2

This time you try to move your lips as far away from your face as possible. The exercise is similar to the first one, but do it standing up with your arms relaxed. Tilt your head, look at the ceiling and try to arrange your lips as if you wanted to reach high up to kiss the sky. Hold the position 5 to 20 seconds, then relax. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise No. 3

For this exercise, you will need a soft ball with a diameter of 10 to 20 cm. In a sitting position with your back straight and relaxed arms, put the ball under your chin and try to press it firmly. Do 10 to 30 reps.

Exercise No. 4

While standing or sitting, extend your lower lip as far as you can and hold for 3 seconds. Keeping this position, try using your neck muscles to pull your chin towards your chest (without using your back muscles). Hold the position for 3 seconds and relax your muscles. Repeat the exercise 10 to 20 times or until you start to feel discomfort from muscle fatigue.

Exercise No. 5

If you like to chew gum, you’ll like this exercise. It turns out that while chewing, we activate the muscles around the chin, so this activity itself can be considered an exercise. In addition, chewing gum can help reduce calorie intake, which is a huge advantage for overweight people. Chewing gum is the training of facial muscles, especially the jaw.

Exercise No. 6

This exercise should reflect the lion’s yawning. You open the jaw hard, the tongue should reach as far as possible. This exercise can strengthen many muscles in the chin, neck and face. Perform them seated with your back straight and arms relaxed. Hold the position for 10 seconds, then relax. Do the exercise 10 times.

Other ways to deal with a double chin…

Proper diet

If one of the reasons for the formation of a double chin is an inadequate diet, it is worth working on it. You certainly need to adjust the amount of calories you take, but the quality of the food you eat is also very important. Bet on unprocessed foods rich in complex carbohydrates, good quality protein and healthy fats.

In addition, drink plenty of water to help cleanse your body of toxins.

Bottom line:

A double chin is an unwanted element of our body and it is worth taking care of yourself before it arises, i.e. before we gain excess kilos. Being active, ensuring a healthy and valuable diet, we will certainly be able to maintain a slim figure, and thus, we will avoid a double chin.

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