Why some people eat a lot and don’t gain weight?

Why some people eat a lot and don't gain weight?

If you tend to gain weight just by looking at food but have a friend who can put away chicken tenders and French fries with a chocolate shake for dessert, and all that without ever going up a pant size. This article explores the reasons or why some people are skinny without dieting.

By Joel

You have certainly encountered the situation that someone eats an amazing amount of food and still remains thin. Is that genetics? Does metabolism? Can this state of affairs be described as „resistance” to weight gain?

Scientists have looked at the phenomenon of resistance to weight gain. They accepted over a dozen volunteers for their research and set their diet 1000 kcal higher than their daily energy needs to maintain their current body weight. In addition, they were asked to keep their physical activity fairly low. After a period of two months, their body weight was checked. As you would expect, most gained weight, but the increase in weight was quite varied – in some people it was only a kilo, in others even 10 lbs. Why such a big difference?

„It may sound too good to be true, but, fidgeting and generally moving around often does work to increase metabolism and burn extra calories. You will burn about third more calories by moving around all the time and fidgeting than you will burn by sitting still.”

What is thermogenesis without an activity factor?

Non-active thermogenesis (NEAT) is the amount of calories you burn when you are not exercising in the gym. It is the amount of energy burned when you are sleeping or when you are performing a different, everyday, quiet activity. Includes low intensity classes. For most people, NEAT is responsible for most of the energy they burn during the day.

The answer to the question why some participants in the above study put on fewer kilograms may be the fact that they simply had more NEAT energy expenditure. Simply put – they fidgeted more, were more active in their daily activities. They burned more than they were aware of.

The so-called. good genetics can be partly explained by NEAT. Some people naturally increase their activity without even realizing it. All they need is a little more bustling in the kitchen, they say that you need to mop the dust, rearrange the pillows on the sofa, etc. The logical is that the person who is constantly doing something burns more than the one who lies on the sofa with the remote control in hand . It can also result from the body’s intuition. When it has excess energy, it tries to burn it, looking for every way to move. When she gets less of it, she probably stops us more often, causing drowsiness or fatigue.

Bottom Line:

NEAT is not something that we can control consciously. It’s a kind of energy, one could say „spontaneous”. This does not mean, however, that you cannot consciously increase your activity. You can burn more energy without going to the gym. Just get up every few minutes from your chair and move a little, perform more activities in a standing position instead of sitting, use the stairs going to the elevator, walk more often, and more. It also doesn’t mean that people who want to gain weight should lie still and only absorb calories. If you move more, then certainly your demand is also greater.

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