The Best Picks of Antioxidants

If you have been paying attention to health and nutrition, you likely know by now it is vital
you take in a good dose of antioxidants every day. You encounter…


  • free radicals from your environment,
  • from the foods you eat, and even
  • from the stress you experience on a day-to- day basis.

All of this adds up and can do a number on your overall health. Fortunately, by eating
foods rich in antioxidants, you can help avoid some of this damage. Antioxidants work to
neutralize free radicals before they cause significant problems with your health.
So which sustenances are ideal? Which sustenances will enable you to state farewell to
mischief's direction? Give us a chance to take a gander at the best picks to consider…

Dark Chocolate.

Truth is stranger than fiction! Chocolate lovers rejoice! Eating dark
chocolate can be a delicious treat as far as your health is concerned. Dark chocolate is
lower in sugar than regular milk chocolate, and while it does contain some fat, it is coming
from a healthier source.

  • Dark chocolate is stacked with antioxidants to help…
  • Battle disease,
  • Decrease your cholesterol levels, and help
  • Boost brain wellbeing.

So, sink your teeth into a piece. But be sure to limit yourself to one or two squares only:
this will help keep your calorie intake in check.


Another food frequently ignored, are pecans. They are an excellent source of
antioxidants you might want to consider adding to your list of healthy foods. Rich in healthy
fats, pecans are ideal for helping to stabilize blood sugar levels as well.

You will get a little protein and carbs from pecans, plus a reasonable amount of fiber. That
makes it an excellent choice for people with Type 2 diabetes who are struggling with their
glucose levels.


When you choose the vegetables to eat with your meal, chances are good
you are opting for varieties like broccoli, carrots, or corn. While these are all nutritious
decisions, artichokes are better.

Artichokes are one of the foods highest in total antioxidant levels, so are great for
combating sickness. Artichokes are also loaded with dietary fiber and are a relatively low-
calorie food.


A flavorful fruit well-known for fighting urinary tract infections, cranberries
are a must-have in every eating routine.
Eat them fresh, crisp though for best results. Cranberry sauce contains far too much-
added sugar, so will not be an ideal option if health is your top concern.

Remember these delicious foods in mind and consider adding them to your diet today.
They will all assistance you take your health up an indent.

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