Fat Loss

The primary criterion for fat loss is a sustained negative energy balance between intake and output (i.e. a caloric deficit).
This means that one of the likely reasons you’ve stopped losing weight could, simply, be that you are eating too many calories.
Well, unfortunately, unless you are systematically and accurately tracking everything that goes in your mouth every single day and you know how to estimate the approximate number of calories you are burning on average every day, it’s quite unlikely to know for sure that you are, indeed, in a caloric deficit.

You see, the body is great at defending itself from change ( ) – this is what we call homeostasis. Eat 500 calories less that what you usually eat and your body will make sure to:
Make you feel a little hungrier so that you eat more.
Make you feel a little more tired so that you move less.

Before you know it, you are eating 200 calories more than what you intended to (so you are eating 300 rather than 500 calories less) and you are also expending 200 calories less. This means that the 500 calorie deficit you thought you had created is closer to a 100 calorie deficit which will make weight loss so slow, that it will make it seems like you’ve completely stopped losing weight.

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