Calories Are Irrelevant For Fat Loss?

‚Calories are irrelevant for fat loss’. ‚Weight loss is not about calories’. ‚The calories in – calories out model (CICO) doesn’t work’…

I heard that so many times…

Most of the popular fat loss diets are rush to make explanations like the ones above and most people are quick to believe them. Of course, as we’ve talked about before in “the Secret to Fat Loss” and according to scientific research ([] ), energy balance is the one determinant of weight loss.
So every time you begin getting questions about what causes weight loss, remember this:

Weight loss is about putting less energy into your body than what comes out.

And you will say now: “But I know this person who lost x amount of weight without counting calories”

Good for them! But, I’ve never said that you have to count calories to lose weight. Your body manage of counting calories on its own.

Simply put, calories amount, but you don’t have to count them J

Just to be clear in this, I’m not saying that most diets fail because they don’t have you counting calories. They fail because they lead you to believe that energy balance is not crucial.

Essentially, this is what a typical fat loss diet tries to do:

Step 1: Convince people that calories don’t matter.

Step 2: Use a point-measuring system/ketogenic approach/low fat approach/intermittent fasting/cutting out of food groups/paleo approach/etc. and you will eat less calories by doing that.

Step 3: Boast about weight reduction accomplishment without a change in caloric intake. This works like a spell for some you, until you reach a plateau, that is.

Then what? What do you do when you plateau? Do a more ketogenic diet? Fast for longer periods of time? Cut out more food groups? Become more paleo? J

See where this is leading you? If you are led to believe that the primary key of fat loss (a sustained caloric deficit) doesn’t apply, you are bound to fail in the long-term because, when weight loss stalls, you’ll have nothing to adjust to keep making progress.

But you can fix it: Whatever fat loss diet you are on, remember that it works by helping you achieve and sustain a caloric deficit in the long term. This way, you can figure out what to do when you’ve stopped losing weight.

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